Meet the Ross 308, also know as the “Cornish Rock”; a top choice for poultry enthusiasts worldwide. The Ross 308 boasts unrivaled genetics optimized for rapid growth, exceptional meat quality, and efficient feed conversion. Its adaptability to diverse environments and robust health profile make it a reliable option for both small-scale and commercial operations.

With the Ross 308, you can expect consistent performance and high yields, thanks to ongoing research and development efforts. This breed dominates the market, trusted by poultry producers for its proven track record and superior attributes. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or new to poultry rearing, choosing the Ross 308 ensures a rewarding experience and a bountiful harvest of delicious, tender meat.

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Broiler Chicken Harvest

  1. Genetic Heritage: The Ross 308 is bred by Aviagen, a global poultry breeding company. It is a cross between two different chicken breeds, each selected for specific traits like growth rate, feed efficiency, and meat quality.

  2. Market Dominance: The Ross 308 is one of the most widely used broiler breeds globally and holds a significant market share in commercial poultry production. Its popularity is attributed to its exceptional performance and adaptability to various production systems.

  3. Breeding Objectives: Aviagen continuously selects and improves the Ross 308 through advanced breeding techniques aimed at enhancing traits such as growth rate, feed efficiency, meat yield, and overall robustness. This ongoing genetic improvement ensures that the Ross 308 remains competitive and relevant in the poultry industry.

  4. Environmental Adaptability: The Ross 308 is known for its ability to thrive in different environmental conditions, including various climates and management systems. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for poultry producers worldwide, allowing for successful production in diverse geographical regions.

  5. Research and Development: Aviagen invests significant resources in research and development to enhance the genetic potential of the Ross 308 breed continually. This includes collaborations with leading scientists, veterinarians, and industry experts to address emerging challenges and improve performance traits, ultimately benefiting producers and consumers alike.

The Ross 308 breed is not genetically modified (GM). Instead, it is selectively bred using traditional, NON-GMO breeding methods to achieve desirable traits such as rapid growth, feed efficiency, meat quality, and disease resistance. Selective breeding involves mating individuals with desired characteristics to produce offspring with those same traits, and this process has been used for millennia in agriculture to improve crop yields and animal performance.

Health Assessment Graphic Ross 308 Broiler Chicken Health Assessment Graphic